My story "The Future Of Algorithmic Personalization" on Techcrunch 2015

The Future Of Algorithmic Personalization - Jarno M. Koponen

Personalization’s image of us is like looking yourself in the funfair’s house of mirrors. Personalization caricaturizes us and creates a striking gap between our real interests and their digital reflection. Read the whole piece

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My story "Algorithmic Angels" on Tehcrunch 2015

“Today our algorithmic selves are beyond our control. Our agency in digital environments is diminishing. That leaves us very vulnerable. Could this be changed?”

“Is it really helpful to know exactly how personalization algorithms work… Maybe it would be more practical to have algorithms that would be on our side and in our control — personal algorithms, or algorithmic angels if you will (for a lack of a better word). They’d be a combination of an aid, guardian and assistant, helping us out in various digital and physical environments.”

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Futureful announcements!

Last week was very exciting for everyone at Futureful. We finished 3rd in MTV3’s Most Liked Finnish Startup competition and had a product launch in Slush12 conference.

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