The Future Of Algorithmic Personalization (Techcrunch)

“Personalization’s image of us is like looking yourself in the funfair’s house of mirrors. Personalization caricaturizes us and creates a striking gap between our real interests and their digital reflection.” (Jun 25, 2015) Read more

We Need Algorithmic Angels (Techcrunch)

“Is it really helpful to know exactly how personalization algorithms work… Maybe it would be more practical to have algorithms that would be on our side and in our control — personal algorithms, or algorithmic angels if you will (for a lack of a better word). They’d be a combination of an aid, guardian and assistant, helping us out in various digital and physical environments.” (Apr 18, 2015) Read more

Your Data Is Your Interface (Pandodaily)

“Every time I create a new profile or download a new app I feel like I’m starting all over again. At first I’m reduced to a stereotype who needs to sign in to see irrelevant content or meaningless ads. Fragmented data and inconsistent algorithms provide noise instead of signal.” (April 17, 2013) Read more

Tulevaisuuden minä rakentuu verkossa (book chapter)

A book chapter: Tulevaisuuden minä rakentuu verkossa, in Silmät auki sosiaaliseen mediaan, Eds. Terhi Aaltonen-Ogbeide, Pentti Saastamoinen, Heikki Rainio and Tero Vartiainen, Publications of Future Committee of Finnish Government 3/2011, Helsinki.

FutureSelf: Emerging Digitized Life Patterns and A Personal Future Simulation System (journal article)

A peer-reviewed scientific article: Futures, the journal of policy, planning and futures studies 42:9 November 2010, Elsevier, New York. Read more

Uuden johtajuuden yhteisöllinen tarina – Sitran julkishallinnon johtamisohjelman yhteisöllisen viestinnän konseptiraportti (design concept & report)

The social media concept and communication strategy for Sitra’s Public Leadership & Management Programme was published as a Sitra report in 18.2.2010.

The Future of Personal Digital Information – Scarce Resource, Valuable Commodity or an Efficient Utility? (conference paper)

A peer-reviewed short paper, OPEN 2009 – Media Lab Doctor of Arts Symposium, University of Art and Design Helsinki, November 5.–6., 2009, Helsinki, Finland. Read more

FutureSelf: Reflections on a Personal Future Simulation System (Master thesis)

Thesis (with high honors) focuses on the analysis of conceptions of virtuality, time and identity in digital media environments including an experimental concept of a personal future simulation system. Master thesis, The Aalto University School of Art and Design, Media Lab, 2009. Read more

Shaftesburyn kolmas jaarli ja englantilainen aristokraattinen libertinismi (master thesis)

Thesis (with high honors) concentrates on the work and thoughts of an English philosopher Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury. The study analyzes his relationship to the intellectual movement of libertinism and the further effects of libertinism in 17th century England. Master thesis, University of Helsinki, Department of History, 2004.