"Your data is your interface" on PandoDaily 2013


My article “Your data is your interface” was just recently published and featured in PandoDaily. The piece has sparked significant attention and a lot of great replies/comments. A short excerpt from the article below:

“I’m inspired by the thought that I should benefit from all of my tags, comments, likes, and reviews across different apps and services. I should be able to continuously contribute in creating a better personal interface to the information around me. I want all of my data to be brought together into my own personal interface.

Before solving the “Big Data” we should figure out the “small” personal part. Algorithms alone can’t make me whole. Different services need my continuous contribution to understand who I really am and what I want.”

Read the whole article here and feel free to share/comment, thanks! Ping me in Twitter and let me know what you think, Jarno M.