Future Momentum 15/2011 18. April 2011, 15:47

A collection of online discoveries about the future (week 15/2011) includes e.g. a timeline of inventions in science fiction, examples of new kinetic architecture, insights about “resilience” theory/design, social analytics report 2011 and how the space travelers get lucky…

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Future Momentum 14/2011 11. April 2011, 14:08

Online discoveries (week 14/2011) include e.g. deep thoughts about design principles, neuroscience of music, patterns for communication revolution, what’s iPad really for and recent views about our instinct to belief in supernatural. Have a look!

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Reading, writing and future thinking 26. January 2011, 11:02

During the last year, I’ve been discussing many times about the role of reading and writing in a creative process and future thinking. Does reading/writing lead to concrete actions or rather, make you sink deeper into the world of abstractions and speculations?

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Future seeds & discoveries (part 2) 9. December 2010, 08:36

Some short reflections and thought sketches (or the micro-evolution of ideas revealed part 2, if you will). In the real-time web perception becomes reality. Information and experiences have to be provided in snack-sized portions and facile packages to catch the attention of “infoholics”…

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My article about simulated and augmented personal futures published in Futures Journal 27. October 2010, 07:48

My full-length article “FutureSelf: Emerging digitized life patterns and a personal future simulation system” was just published in internationally acknowledged “Futures, The journal of policy, planning and futures studies” (Volume 42, Issue 9, November 2010, Pages 981-994). The article concentrates on personal future simulation systems that enable the creation of micro-future scenarios…

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